Woohoo I now have a blog..continued..


Now that I am getting into my assignments for the NGL course I am taking a moment to reflect my posts. “Woohoo I now have a blog’ was the first post I made on Pushing the Boundaries with Networked learning”. It showed the excitement I had at getting involved in the NGL course and finally making a space of my own online.

Looking at the initial posts of my peers in this course, it was nice to see that this enthusiasm was shared by others.  I can even relate to the sense of nervousness expressed by another peer.

What has also been valuable for me was that others have shared their frustrations.

One of the frustrations I have experienced is that sadly, I somehow seem to have deleted my first post “woohoo, I know have a blog”- just another example of me as a new learner in the Blogging world, trying to find my feet and getting my head around how to use this new technology.

I’m grateful to Mari in sharing the link to Keith Brennan’s article which has helped me to better understand my fluctuating feelings and also frustrations with connectivist learning as a novice.

Keith Brennan discusses the idea of cognitive overload and its effects on our self-efficacy, which is key to our confidence and success in connecting online. From this article I can also see that being able to see how other the feelings of other people in the course, have also fluctuated over time, did in fact help with making sense of WordPress and the course, and with building my confidence to keep posting. The feedly tool proposed by David Jones, also helped me with this cognitive overload.