Thanks David for your comment on my previous post, providing a link to the 23Things website, aiming to support adult learners through active participation.  I especially like the ‘What is this wiki thing?’ section, as this is a tool I have found my staff do not understand well. In fact, ‘What is this wiki thing?’ is the exact same question I have been asked by more than one student in my organisation this year. There are some great ideas on this site for how I can help introduce my staff to a selection of online tools (which will best meet our purposes) and help them to be more comfortable with using them.

Edit 14/09: Thanks Anne for your comment on this post. I am glad the 23Things link was of use to you in your context. I should also mention that I often browse your posts to get a different perspective on some of the key topics we are looking at in this course. Thanks for sharing your ideas too!