My DBR Proposal – for your feedback


Hi NGL-ers,

If anyone is still left in the course, who wouldn’t mind taking a look at my proposal for Assignment 2, I’d love your comments/feedback.

I have provided the document in the following Google Doc link. This document includes a bit of context for my learning activity and the start of my literature review.

Hope to hear from you ๐Ÿ™‚

Regards, Clare


8 thoughts on “My DBR Proposal – for your feedback

  1. Hi Claire

    I think what you have here is a very well written first draft for your DBR proposal. Your problem is clearly defined: “How will The Agency best use NGL to train geographically diverse staff”. Initially I was not sure how Sharepoint could be considered an NGL tool but after reading your proposal, I can see that is definitely is, because of the interactions it allows and support for online communities.

    What research questions will be you asking as part of the proposal? Here are some that I suggest to you, after reading your draft proposal:

    1. How many online learning participants does The Agency have ie in relation to what is discussed in the proposal, and what are their demographics? Clearly they all work for the government agency but what do they have in common and what separates them as learners?
    2. Aside from Sharepoint, what are some tools that can be used to engage participants in collaborative learning?

    These are just some suggestions to guide you through when you consider your research questions.

    Additionally, I would suggest making clearer the sections ‘A description of the proposed intervention’ and ‘A plan for implementation’. You seem to have addressed this but I think you can make it a little more clearer by using a heading and specifically addressing the questions.

    Overall, I think this is very well written and you have addressed the DBR proposal in an interesting and relevant context.



    • Thanks very much Paul for letting me know, and for your patience, as I try to work out how to use Google Docs! I am very new to this ๐Ÿ™‚ It should be open to ‘edits’ now I hope.

      Look forward to your thoughts!
      Thanks again Paul.


  2. Hi Clare, I also like your context and problem, solution using Sharepoint – extremely appropriate for all the reason you mention – but the DBR Proposal (what a implementation could look like) seems to be omitted. Have put Comments on your doc, Please can you help and test to see if I have ‘locked’ my proposal from ‘edits’ as well (also new to google docs) I’d really appreciate it.


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