Knowing Learning and Teaching in NGL – getting started


In order to frame our thinking about Assignment 2 for the NGL course, our course convenor has suggested we look at the questions proposed by Siemens (2008). David, our convenor, has also suggested we keep this a working document. This is part of the reason I have taken a shine to using the blog format for tracking my learning – the fact that you can easily record, edit or add to your previous thoughts. More on this in my other post

Here are my preliminary thoughts relating to Siemens’ critical questions in relation to Assignment 2 – where we are asked to develop a plan for using NGL to transform our teaching practice:

  • What would be the role of the educator? How would we teach

My role would be to guide my student’s use of NGL tools. Ideally, teach by example (as discussed in my previous post).

  • What would be the role of the learner?
    I would like to see them self-direct their own learning. There is some set procedure documents that I will need to give my students access to. So I would like to put them online (using a secure collaborative tool) for the students then to discuss, ask questions and help each other make sense of these new procedures and how they can apply them to their role at work.
  • How would curriculum be created? Shared?
    In my business context, the “curriculum” is rather the ‘set information our students are required to view and apply to their work practices’. The content of this information is set by our senior management. My role is to share it via an online tool in the best way.

    • How would research be conducted?
      There is some scope for our students to research and share some new ideas as we move forward. However in the first instance the learning focus is largely on rote learning – so that our staff get across the key information required for thier jobs.
  • What would be the role of the university in society? This questions isn’t really relevant in my context. A better question is ‘What is the benefit of this learning activity for society?’ The answer to this is : By enabling our students (government staff) to learn the new procuedures and perform their roles better they will be operating more effectively and efficiently. This will mean our staff will be able to better serve our client group and make better use of tax payers money.
  • What would education “look like”?How would we mark? Accredit? I am hoping that I will see learning occuring through the number of staff ‘hits’ to our online collaborative site, and the number of relevant discussions that occur between the involved students. Assessing learning could also occur through surveys to students a few months down the track, to see how they are going and whether they have effectively moved to the new practices or feedback from their managers, who do regular performance reviews.Reference

Siemens, G. (2008). New structures and spaces of learning: The systemic impact of connective knowledge, connectivism, and networked learning. Actas Do Encontro Sobre Web.

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