CLEM as a teacher


Ok, so I got a little bogged down in focussing on the CLEM model (Community, Literature, Example and Model) as a learner, rather than in my role as a teacher.

So here is a quick run with my teacher hat on, in regards to delivering learning programs to Government staff:

CLEM’s four components are:

1. Community;

What, where and how active is the community of teachers/practitioners etc who use this approach to learning? Are there different communities? How do you engage with this community?

Communities might be…..

Here are some of the communities I have identified across Government:


While these communities seem to be mostly in the areas of Government ICT and Human Resources, which is not my area of focus, I can still contact some of the participants to learn more about how they operate and how I can establish a successful community of practice in my own work area.

2. Literature;

What academic (and other) literature exists around this new approach? use of this ICT to enhance student learning? What does it reveal about how to apply this ICT to learning? What does it say about how to use this ICT and how not to use this ICT? What is this ICT good for when it comes to student learning? What are the common problems and limitations?

See my previous post on the CQM Toolbox here, where I have started to explore the literature around professional networks and communities relevant to my learning context. I hope to build on this more in the coming weeks.

3. Examples; and,

What examples exist of this ICT being used to enhance student learning? What makes a good example? What makes a bad example? Are there examples applicable to you? What can you learn from these examples?

The Australian Public Service Commission website provides some different examples of how Government professional communities currently operate, which includes:

The best option for my context would be a Virtual Community of Practice (CoP) using Govdex, which provides a secure online collaborative space,  which (as I learnt only late last week) I will be able to get permission from our Department IT Security team, for our staff to access and use. This would also be a better option then face-to-face networks and forums as our students are geographically dispersed. A CoP would also be more desirable than a website blog because of the need to have a private training space which is just for internal staff

4. Model.

How does this ICT work? What is the vocabulary associated with this ICT? What does it offer that’s different from other ICTs? What are the common technical problems with this ICT and how do you fix them?

I am yet to work out the logistics for setting up a community using Govdex, but I expect it will take some time to learn how to use the site effectively and exploring its potential before seeking access for my students.  I am grateful that there seems to be a help file and a way to contact the site administrators, if technical help is required. I could also ask my internal IT team for support.


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