CQM Toolbox – a practical strategy for networked learning in the business sector


I came across a short article published back in 1997 in Industry Week magazine titled ‘CQM Toolbox’ which looks at learning modules for Senior Executive run by a Centre for Quality Management. The article provides what I consider to be a rather progressive view (in comparison with my personal experience in the workplace) of incorporating networked learning to achieve improved business outcomes. The article discusses a range of networked learning strategies which work alongside traditional workplace training delivery methods of workshops, courses and seminars. These networked activities include user groups, study groups and ‘peer to peer networking roundtables’ which are intended to act as ‘support systems’ for implementing new initiatives, overcoming hurdles and to initiate discussions to develop new ideas and improved ways of doing business!(“CQM Toolbox”, 1997, p.30)

While the article doesn’t specifically refer to networked activities in the online space, I can see that there are opportunities here for my work context (as a teacher). With many of the key Government agencies situated in Canberra, it would be possible to set up some sort of face-to-face cross-agency roundtable, perhaps with videoconferencing to international agencies or using a secure online meeting place (e.g. a Ning). This could be used to assist my section to better implement our current training program and also  as a way to keep across ‘best practice’ approaches in the field, going forward. I suppose this is essentially the same as creating a Professional Learning Network or Community of Practice.

RDECOM launches communities of practice by RDECOM, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  RDECOM 

As a student, I can see this is very much what we are doing here in the NGL course – creating a Community of Practice or Professional Learning Network using WordPress and Diigo as platforms for this – we are using each others posts to spark new ways of doing things or to overcome hurdles (e.g. Paul’s response to one of my earlier posts). Whether I will be able to use these same online tools in my workplace will be at the mercy of our Department IT security team – as it is important that our work discussions remain confidential, something which can be tricky in the online space. Something for me to pursue further down the track.


Clifford, M (2013). 20 Tips for Creating a Professional Learning Network. Retrieved from http://www.opencolleges.edu.au/informed/features/20-tips-for-creating-a-professional-learning-network/#ixzz3BeH9m6f1

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University of Southern Queensland. (2013). Communities of Practice. Retrieved from https://www.usq.edu.au/cops

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