Sharing my learning on You Tube


This is a video of my first attempt at learning the tune ‘In the Tap Room’ by ear. I have posted this on my new You Tube channel. (Edit 27 August – Please note: I just realised that my ‘second attempt’ video comes up. You need to go to the top left hand corner and click ‘playlist’ and select the other video to watch first. The other video is my ‘first attempt’ at the tune and is the one that I am writing about in this blog. Sorry for the confusion, I am still getting my head around how running a you tube channel actually works!!)

I’ll admit, I’ve already had a bit of a go at it (about 10 minutes) before I clicked the record button. What I’ve done, is found another video on You Tube of someone practicing the tune (Tap Room (Reel) – fiddle practice) that is slightly slower than most of the Irish tunes are usually played. In the video I’m trying to listen to bits of it over and over to pick it up by ear – the traditional method of learning Irish Music.

You will see in the video, I get through about half of the tune ok, but then really struggle with the second part. You’ll see at the end of the video that I ‘sigh’ quite audibly, which shows you just how frustrated I was!

I decided to share my learning experience (based on what I have learnt  about ‘sharing’ learning so far in this course) to assist others out there who are trying to learn Irish music or the fiddle.  I hope that they can benefit or learn something from my experience – even if it is just how frustrating and slow learning a new tune can be, and how it can be quite a repetitive process.

I have also recorded my second attempt on my you tube channel, if you want to take a look.


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