Learning about online Image Credits


David’s recent post about attribution of images has been quite a steep learning curve for me. I am so used to linking images, memes, videos and music via social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter without any formal referencing and also seeing my peers do the same, that the idea of seeking proper licencing to use this media did not occur to me at all. This might also be because it is so easy to access, copy, paste, transfer and link media from across the web both quickly and easily.

After reading more about copyright and licencing on the Creative Commons website it did not take me long to realise how important it really is to give credit to other people for their work, just like I do in my work and uni studies.

In response, I have now gone back through my posts and edited or removed the images, to ensure that all material I have used in my blog is properly credited, to the best of my ability. It has taken quite a few hours to get a hang of it and make the changes, but it is well worth it.

I can certainly see that this will have some implications for my role as a teacher. If I plan on implementing a networked learning activity where my students may need or want to go online to source media to supplement their learning, I will need to make sure that I educate then on copyright licencing in the online space and encourage their use of the Creative Commons website.


On the topic of crediting and referencing, a quick look at Mari’s blog posts has got me thinking that I might need to make my references to the course readings a little more comprehensive. At the moment, I am just linking back to the Diigo or mendely site. Mari however has included the list of references down the bottom of each blog, which means that, even if you are not a member of the NGL course, the full reference for the articles are available to you – a very good idea.

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