Professional Learning Networks – an option for introducing NGL in my organisation


Just came across an article by Miriam Clifford, about Professional Learning Networks which I think will be extremely useful for me in my teacher role.

 In her post, she references a recent Harvard study where scientists are considering “sharing discoveries is more efficient and honorable than patenting them”, an idea which Miriam sees as at the heart of the theory of connectivism and establishing professional learning networks.

Her article has got me thinking about the benefits of a PLN in my own organisation:

  • Facilitating learning through meaningful interactions
  • Improve classroom teaching
  • Help develop new projects
  • Act as a form of communal intelligence.

She then presents some strategies for constructing PLN and to use it effectively. One suggestion was to keep track of new technologies through the site Mashable, which I found really interesting. I have added a link to this site to the group Diigo, so that other students in the course can access it.

I see that setting up a professional learning network could actually work in our organisation. I feel like It would get a lot of support from management because it offers a way of keeping up-to-date with best practice and the new changes and ideas in our particular field. I hope to revisit this article again as part of my research for Assignment 2.


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