NGL and Life Long Learning


I was just reviewing GG’s Blog and came across a post where GG posted a  personal teaching philosophy mind map. The philosophy matched very closely with my approach to teaching and also my aims through this course. One aspect of GGs philosophy which I had not really considered in my own context however, was the idea of Life Long learning.

It made me realise that I have been very focused on trying to apply NGL to my workplace purely so that I can meet the immediate objectives of business area, which are: making sure our staff members can adequately perform the new procedures that are being implemented, and that they can then have the skills to coach and guide their fellow staff to and providers to undertake and comply with the new procedures as well.  (Sorry fellow students, that I can’t be much more specific about the learning activities, I am very restricted by the confidentiality requirements of my Organisation).

GG’s post reminded me that my learning and development strategy also needs to involve consideration of life long learning, and offering my students knowledge and skills which will be of value and benefit to them both inside and outside the organisation, now and well into the future. Something for me to consider for Assignment 2 where I start to plan a networked learning approach.

Edit: 17 August – Oops, I just revised my first ‘As teacher’ post and realised I did in fact allude to life long learning as one of my teaching objectives here, although I did not consider the idea in depth at all. I am surprised that this was part of my thinking in week one and that I had forgotten this 2 weeks later. As a student of NGL, this has shown me what an excellent idea blogging is for tracking my learning, and also how valuable it is to be able to reflect and edit/build on previous posts. It has also demonstrated to me what a ‘messy’ pathway my learning follows – a concept which has been identified by Bigum and Rowan (2013) “Learning new material, developing new skills or making new discoveries can be complicated, lengthy

and messy.” All the more reason then, to share my learning process, so others can benefit as well.

Big thumbs up from me for the NGL course!


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