Growing my definition of networked learning


When I enrolled in this course, I thought I knew what networked learning was all about – using online tools to enhance learning. Since completing the readings from week 2-3 (Goodyear, 2014; Dron and Anderson (2007); Anderson and Dron (2012); and the course notes (especially the references to Goodyear and Carvalho, 2014), I have come to realise that my definition of networked learning is rather narrow and outdated.

I have come to better understand that ‘networked learning’ is more than just encouraging our students to read and absorb material online to learn, but it is about interacting online with others and SHARING our learnings,  and that there are now more tools available to us than in previous decades, to support this learning process.

In terms of my role ‘as a learner’ in this course, I had initially thought that the process of learning how to play a new tune (See my learning objectives post here) could be achieved simply through watching you tube videos and reading articles online. It is now becoming clearer and clearer to me, that I should push myself beyond this, and look at what collaborative opportunities there are available where I can connect with others to learn, and where (outside my blog) I might be able to share my learnings with others (Dron & Anderson, 2007; Riel & Polin, 2004).

It is this Connectivist approach, which can enable enhanced learning where I, as a learner, and my students (if I can apply this in my teaching context), can achieve the highest levels of cognitive functioning (in relation to the Bloom’s revised Taxonomy) Anderson and Dron (2012).


2 thoughts on “Growing my definition of networked learning

  1. G’day Clare, I like the extension your building on your definition and how you’ve seen the connection with your practice. As it happens, just recently I decided to pick up the clarinet again because my 9 year old son was learning it at school. In terms of sharing our learning we shared our first duet via SoundCloud. Mostly to share with family, but in a learning situation I think sharing something like this type of artefact and having others give feedback on it fits well with network learning. Having a community around this type of artefact would help. But it also provides a history of learning. Hopefully we can add to it soon (once his clarinet is fixed). David.


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