Personal Knowledge Management – How do I do it?


I have tried to map out my PKM routine in the table below. In general, the tools listed are those which I have already used in my studies, with the addition of tools such as Diigo, Mendeley and Feedly which I have only just started using thanks to this course.  The ‘Share’ component of the table is an area which I have little experience with. The tools listed here are more so the ones which I would ‘like’ to use, rather than what I am currently using.  I feel that I do not yet have all the knowledge and skills to use some of the listed tools such as diigo, mendeley, twitter, for the purposes of sharing my learning with others. But I am confident that as undertake further research, view how other members of this course are using these applications, and start having a go myself, I will be able to comfortably and effectively use NGL tools.

I also hope to add more actions, strategies and tools as I broaden my understanding of NGL over the coming months.


Jarche, Harold. (2011). PKM – Personal Knowledge Mastery. Retrieved from

Personal Knowledge Management Actions/Critical Thinking Tools/Strategies
SEEK Research

Gathering Evidence

Analytical Thinking

Organising sources and notes

Identifying gaps

Speed reading

Google Search

Google Scholar

Online Libraries and Books


Hard Copy notes and readings

Study Desk




Follow the posts of other course participants

SENSE Note taking

Mind mapping

Talking with others


Considering options


Formulating arguments

Writing and reviewing

Word docs and electronic note pad




Follow the posts of other course participants

SHARE Talking with others

Posting online

Sharing notes and references


Study desk






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