Me as a teacher


What is your role as a teacher? Who are your students? What is the context?

As already discussed in my earlier post, I am with an Institution where I will be involved in the development and delivery of learning and training activities to people to help them to learn and implement new and improved work processes. This is my role as a teacher, to facilitate training of our organisation’s staff (my students) and help them achieve results in their work.

What role does NGL currently play in that context? How do you think NGL might help?

NGL offers a new way of doing things for our organisation. It offers a way to us to offer training in a way which better fits with the world we currently live and work in and will generate better learning outcomes for staff both in their work and personal lives.

What difficulties might you face with implementation?

I can already see some difficulties in implementing NGL, namely our existing prehistoric technology and strict security firewalls which significantly limit staff use of online programs or the cloud. I can also see the conservative attitudes of staff and a history of resistance to change and new technologies as a barrier which I will have to overcome in introducing NGL.
But I am up for the challenge!
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