Me as a student


Describe your prior experiences as a learner in this program. What did you like? What didn’t work? What haven’t you seen that you would like?

The ‘Networked and Global Learning Course’ I am currently completing brings me to the halfway point in the USQ Master of Education program.

I am finding the delivery and student participation in this particular course certainly unique and also challenging. While I would ordinarily consider myself pretty OK in the online/tech space, I have found myself learning many new things and using programs which I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of before (e.g. Diigo, Mendely etc).

Most of the subjects I have completed previously have been taught following a very traditional structure – reading and essay writing. As a creature of habit and one who loves structure and logical progression, I am struggling to adjust to the seemingly haphazard nature of this course and find myself yearning for a set of readings I can print out neatly and work through chronologically. Although I am confident I will get past my initial reservations and get a lot out of the increased social interaction and ‘walking the talk’ opportunities this course offers.

What is NGL? What do you currently know about it?

At the commencement of this course, I imagined NGL would be about harnessing online and social networking technologies to better do our work. After working through the articles and links listed for Week 1, I have come to realise that it is much more than just about the ‘tools’ for learning. It is about redefining traditional methods and ideas of learning – it is about focusing more on the methods/process behind how we and others learn in order to respond to the unique internal and external pressures of the modern world.

What have you previously learned that is related to NGL?

The other courses I have completed for the M.Ed program have explored constructivist learning and have also dealt with the ‘end to the scarcity of knowledge’ education dilemma. This prior learning has been a useful foundation for understanding why we must move towards NGL to effectively support others to learn and cope in our perpetually advancing technological environment and increasingly globalised society.

How have you previously performed your student role? What practices and tools do you use? How do these fit with the idea NGL and what you know so far of this course?

Previously, my role as a student involved: taking in knowledge from the study desk, saving readings on my computer or printing them out, supplementing my learning with some online and journal article research, taking notes and organising my notes in hard copy, transcribing my ideas into an essay in a word document (with appropriate referencing of course!), and finally submitting this evidence of my learning back through the study desk. Based on what I have learnt so far from this course, these methods of learning seem so tedious and out-dated.

Already I have changed my methods of study and learning thanks to this course. I have already started highlighting and creating notes directly online with Diigo and Mendeley and am loving it! Although this could just be week 1 enthusiasm, let’s see if it sticks around for the rest of the course

What do you want out of this course? What aren’t you seeing from the course that you’d like to see?

I currently work in Organisational Change in an Institution. In the coming months I will be involved in the development and delivery of learning and training activities to a large number of people to help them to transition successfully to a new, and hopefully improved, way of doing work.

I am hoping that this course can enable me to push the boundaries in our organisation (hence the name for my blog)with some best practice strategies, tools and ideas that I can incorporate into my work, to achieve best results for our staff and the institution.

I have already gathered a few new ideas and tools through this course (just in the week 1 material) that I can look at harnessing in my work place. I look forward to seeing more of this from the course in the coming weeks.


3 thoughts on “Me as a student

  1. Hi Clare, I can certainly identify with many of your comments about being a student. My approach to study in the previous education courses in my GCLD program was very similar and felt outdated given the topics of study. However we did need to utilise cloud technologies to complete some assessment tasks (e.g. Popplet, Mind mapping tools, Prezi). Even though I like the idea of studying NGL style, it’s not always easy to change habits, but expect this is what we need to add to our experience and reflect upon.
    I’d be happy to share approaches to online delivery of study materials based on my experiences here at USQ. Hope you decide to share of your music on your blog too.
    Cheers, Deb

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